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We will developed a state-of-the-art trading platform where you can securely and reliably buy/sell/trade any cryptocurrency. The fastest and most flexible asset platform in existence.

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Platform Features

Zinance Online

ZNB Token

The native utility and governance token that will empower the whole Zinance ecosytem.

Global Infrastructure

Zinance aims to capture greater market share globally and to become the top crypto trading platform in the cryto industry.

Revenue Share

All ZNB holders are entitled to share upto 50% of net Zinance revenues. Every 24 hours, All holders will receive revenue share depending on their ZNB Holdings

Buy Back

All listings fees collected will be used to buy back ZNB in the spot market and will be included in the quarterly Burn Event

Quarterly Burn

ZNB burn event will be held quarterly to deflate ZNB supply permanently.

Community Driven

All ZNB holders are part owners of Zinance platform, All holders will be able to govern via oracle voting by staking your ZNB.

Zinance - Buy/Sell/Trade Cryptocurrency - Hold ZNB, Earn Trading Revenues

Zinance Online $ZNB

Every 24 hours, 50% of all trading fees collected are pooled together and will be shared by all ZNB holders. The higher the volume the higher the revenue shares.

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Zinance Public Sale

Public Sale and Airdrop

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Crowdsale Ends at June 04, 2022

100d 19h 59m 56s

Listing on June 04, 2022.
Listing Price 1 $ZNB = 0.025 USD
Min Buy 0.01 BNB = 2400 $ZNB
Max Buy 10 BNB = 2400000 $ZNB
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Invite People to get 40% BNB and 50% $ZNB on Every Airdrop and Presale.
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Token Details

Zinance Online


Token Distribution

Airdrop & Sale 40%
Locked Liquidity 20%
Staking & Governance 20%
Team (Locked) 10%
Marketing & Bounty 10%

Token Details

Name - Zinance Online
Symbol - ZNB
Decimals - 18
Token Supply - 2 Billion

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